Data and Salesforce Integration

Data integration services focus on linking disparate systems and data within your operation to improve their value, performance, usefulness, and functionality. Data integration is almost always a foundational capability and competency within large organizations, meaning that the performance of business applications is largely dependent on the quality, consistency, connectivity, and performance of your underlying data. A comprehensive data strategy, including a formal governance model, is a top priority for companies who want to improve their overall business performance, including improving business processes, transactional systems, business intelligence systems, and enterprise planning systems.

Data integration services

At TalenTek we enable you to successfully plan and implement data integration, data quality, and master data management (MDM) programs, from data strategy through deployment of new data systems and infrastructure. Our data experts bring the appetite and skills to dive into the most complicated of data environments to transform chaos and disparity into highly performing, ordered technological foundations. We have consultants with expertise in the following

Information management strategy: Development of your comprehensive strategy for information management practices, systems, and infrastructure based on business objectives, the current environment, and the envisioned future-state.

Data quality: Optimization of sources, integration, and usage of data as it relates to quality, including completeness, latency, accuracy, and other quality dimensions.

Data governance: Development of specific oversight rules, management, and control schemes as they apply to your data and data environment.

Master data management strategy & implementation: Creation of a comprehensive master data management strategy and the deployment of master data management technologies in your environment including attributes such as data definitions, MDM software and systems, and MDM governance models.

Data integration: Architecture, design and deployment of data integration initiatives and employing techniques such as ETL, EAI, ESB and others to connect and align disparate data sources and uses, both in operational and analytical environments. Integration TalenTek's Salesforce Integration Experts can address the following scenarios:

  • Automate Integration between and on-premise applications
    Business users love the flexibility and ease of access that is provided by a hosted web-based application such as However, the information in Salesforce is silo-ed in an offsite location and it is difficult to get this data into back-end applications to automate business processes such as automatically triggering actions, notifications, workflow tasks for other business users and for generating consolidated reports. TalenTek helps by setting up either real-time or scheduled (batch) integration flows between and back-end systems. These “deploy-and-forget” flows run automatically in the background to share information and require no manual intervention except to handle exceptions and errors. These integration flows can be bi-directional, so data can move in both directions into and out of

  • Automate business process involving
    TalenTek consultants and build out BPM capability that allows automating of a complete business process where interfacing with is only one of the many tasks involved in overall process. So, human workflow tasks can be added into the overall flow for business users to interact with data and allow them to validate information before it is synchronized, correct errors and exception and take decisions. This provides more automation and control than just moving of data.

  • Data replication of
    Since customer information is vital for any company, it is imperative that this data be in control and possession of the company at all times. TalenTek have provided clients an automated replication capability to copy and save this data behind your firewall from where it can be easily backed-up and recovered. This enhances security by creating an archive copy of the database. This also ensures backup of data to meet any regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Finally, this helps with Business Intelligence needs as well and allows companies to use their preferred reporting tools.

  • One-time data migrations to and from
    Initial migration of existing customer information and data is usually the first step for new customers. TalenTek Salesforce Integration experts offer a wide range of application and format support for mapping and transforming data to meet these needs.

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