We understand Mobile Application Development

Building a mobile application can be a challenge and understanding the benefits and limitations of the many different platforms in this ever changing market is a daunting task. Our consultants understand mobile technology and can help you define your strategy or implement your ideas. TalenTek can also mentor your development teams and educate them in a variety of technologies that encompass mobility.

We enable your business

The benefits of developing mobile solutions come in many forms - from better serving your mobile workforce to providing value add services to your customers, enhancing your brand to streamlining processes. TalenTek has served many different clients in many different industries, creating solutions built on a variety of mobile platforms including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Windows Mobile, Motorola iDen, and Google Android.

Whatever your mobile application platform - iphone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile - our team has the experience and skills to develop a best-in-class application that utilizes everything that mobile technology has to offer.

Our team has extensive experience building applications that leverage the most powerful features of mobile platforms. If it's possible to do it on mobile device, our experts know how.

Developing for the iPhone

The iPhone has become ubiquitous with its ability to integrate a camera phone, visual voicemail, text messaging, an iPod media player with Wi-Fi Internet connectivity and a multi-touch screen with a virtual keyboard, all wrapped into one mobile device. The iPhone's features and functionality are on the cutting-edge of technology today.

iPhone Aplplications add value to your business in multiple ways.

  • They can generate revenue through purchases made by retail consumers in the iPhone applications store.
  • An iPhone application can be marketed as a new product or be packaged as an accompaniment to another product that is sold to your clients.
  • A dynamic and creative iPhone application adds another dimension to your organization's visual brand identity and brings the mobile advertising space to your company.

Specific iPhone Development Needs

TalenTek developers are experts at creating sophisticated iPhone applications for our clients. Our consultants can assist with:

  • New application development. New iPhone applications are on the rise every day, our developers create applications in the iPhone's native Objective C development environment, allowing them to offer flexible solutions to your development needs.
  • Application updating. Many applications need to be updated to do more, to work more efficiently, and to meet users  ever-rising expectations.
  • Porting iPhone applications. We can port your iPhone application to Windows Mobile and port from Windows Mobile to iPhone as well.

We expect iPhone application development to continue to rise and gain greater importance as businesses will rely more and more on smartphones to solve their business needs.

Developing for Android

Introduced just a few years ago, Android is now the fastest-selling smartphone platform. Smartphones running Android have recently outsold both iPhone and BlackBerry, and Android momentum continues to increase. Android is fast, flexible, and easy to develop for; the number of Android apps available in Android Market is growing quickly, and may catch up with Apple's App Store in the future.

Android is growing more popular for enterprise use, with the recent strengthening of Microsoft Exchange interaction, security, and management features. Like the iPhone, apps on Android phones can be used for "on-the-go" access and interactivity. Employees can be kept constantly up to date, and can contribute to workflows while out of the office or travelling. This makes the organization more competitive and can speed sales cycles, increasing revenues. Android is also widely expected to power a range of tablet computers currently in development, competing with Apple's very successful iPad.

Specific Android Development Needs

TalenTek developers are experts at creating sophisticated Android applications for our clients. Our consultants can assist with:

  • New application development. Android development is a great first step for mobile deployment, a natural next move from the desktop environment for many applications. Our developers love working in the mature, Java-based development environment used for Android.
  • Application updating. An Android application update can take full advantage of new Android features and the plethora of new hardware and software features found on phones.
  • Porting apps to Android. We can port applications from other platforms to Android, and from Android to other platforms as well, creating truly native apps on each platform in turn.

Our experts can be leveraged in every step in the process - concept, design, development, implementation, delivery, and maintenance. We get prototypes into your hands very early, and keep improving them to match your feedback at every point in the development process.

Android application development continues to accelerate, and the number of developers avoiding the rigors of Objective C and the strict requirements of Apple's App Store for the more free, easy, and open Android environment continues to grow. Organizations are learning how to make the most of the fast-changing range of new devices running Android and the rapidly growing new customer markets that Android is reaching. If you need to create an application for Android, or to port existing applications from the iPhone, BlackBerry, or elsewhere, get in touch with us here at TalenTek today.

What is a Windows Mobile Application?

Windows Mobile is a compact operating system that is suited for mobile devices and runs on smartphones, Pocket PCs, Portable Media Centers, and on-board computers for certain automobiles.

Most applications running on WM operating systems have the familiar look of Windows desktop; however, these applications have been tailored for mobile devices. For example, users of mobile devices based on the WM operating system have access to mobile versions of Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel. It is estimated that Windows Mobile now has a worldwide smartphone market share of 14%. It has 12,000+ actual programs many applications downloaded from the Internet -that a user can run (without any license) on WM-based mobile devices.

The WM-based mobile devices incorporate:

  • Outlook Mobile for email communication
  • Built-in application to show current date, owner information, upcoming appointments, email messages, and tasks
  • Office Mobile - mobile versions of Microsoft Office applications
  • Internet Explorer Mobile - the Internet browser for Pocket PC and Handheld PC
  • Windows Media Player
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)-allowing mobile devices to share internet connections via USB and Bluetooth with attached computers

How do windows Mobile applications add value?

Windows Mobile's powerful operating system and extensive features allow you to create sophisticated hand-held computer applications. In addition, finding a Windows Mobile device that fits your environment is pretty easy. For your software development projects, you can get access to devices with different form factors; you can even use a portable computer that has been designed for harsh environments.

WM supports several operations needed for day-to-day business such as word processing, spreadsheets, relational databases, and PowerPoint presentations on which you can build your own application. In Windows Mobile programs, the developer can even access files from other applications. For example, it is possible to create a music player with its own CODECs and its own visualizations. The OS provides many hooks where applications can "subscribe" to events, for example, applications that can react to events such as "SMS arrived" and "phone call started."

From a business perspective, there are revenue generating opportunities as the developer can sell applications not only through Microsoft's app store (Marketplace for Mobile) but also through online stores like MobiHand, PocketGear, Handango and, as well, through application stores of manufacturers like Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Windows Mobile developers can also tap into SDKs of manufacturers to write software that makes better use of the hardware and phone power of respective manufacturers.

Why use .NET for Windows Mobile applications

Developing world class applications for mobile devices running Windows Mobile is a challenging task. Microsoft s .NET technology, mostly used for enterprise-grade software, can also be used for developing Windows Mobile applications. WM runs applications written in .NET on the Compact Framework-a subset of the .NET framework-that runs on a device with limited memory and disk capacity. Although the Compact Framework is roughly 30% the size of the regular .NET Framework (footprint), it provides all of the requisite functionality to create powerful mobile applications.

.NET Windows Mobile applications can take advantage of all of the operating system resources and hardware peripherals available on the device it is running on. Specifically, if the hardware has an accelerometer, a GPS, or a camera, a .NET solution will leverage those resources to provide a better end-user experience. The managed code is compiled into a form specifically optimized for the hardware. In addition, as the underlying framework is improved and updated, the .NET Windows Mobile application gets to take full advantage of it without being recompiled.

Most PC Windows .NET applications can be ported to Windows Mobile with little or no changes. The Compact Framework is a subset, but it is feature rich. Windows Mobile has the.NET Framework with support for LINQ, WCF, and paging ADO.NET which helps support the development of complex applications. It also has extensions that handle phone specific hardware such as the accelerometer and touch screen.

Windows Mobile Application Development from TalenTek

TalenTek develops software based on Windows Mobile OS and utilizes .NET Compact Framework to create Windows Mobile applications. We specialize in software development and integration services for hand-held, embedded and mobile computing. In our design, we consider all the attributes of mobile devices such as:

  • Form factor
  • Memory restrictions
  • Processor speed
  • Bandwidth
  • Disconnected nature

We offer a broad expertise and experience in Windows Mobile solutions engineering and porting. To create custom Windows Mobile applications, we employ the following platforms and technologies:

  • Win Mobile 5.0/6.0
  • Pocket PC 2002/2003/Phone Edition
  • Windows CE
  • MS SQL Server/MS SQL Server CE (including mobile version)
  • MS .Net and Compact Framework

We offer custom software development, interface design, and solutions porting between Pocket PC/PDA and smartphones.

We develop high quality reliable programs. Our experience is based on extensive development efforts and testing the mobile solution.

Why TalenTek?

Software products targeted for hand-held and mobile environments provide significant business opportunities for today's software developers and companies. At any and all stages of your development process, TalenTek can play a significant role to create solutions that maximize your product value with your customers.

Windows Mobile developers from TalenTek provide solutions for your hand-held computing projects. Whether you would like to create a SMS/MMS project or a GPS navigation tool in the mobile environment, TalenTek builds Windows Mobile solutions that serve your purpose from day one. Our service is also characterized by high quality, professionalism, on-time delivery and customer service. Using Compact Framework, TalenTek provides mobile applications that will bring a new level of ROI for your business operations.

Our partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to strengthen our knowledge of .Net and Compact Framework solutions. We strive to assemble the best group of talent in the industry. We assign developers that have technical expertise and exposure to complex projects necessary to meet your requirements. We translate your vision of the solution into detailed specifications for further estimation, analysis, development, and implementation.

Developing for BlackBerry

BlackBerry has the largest installed base of any smartphone. BlackBerry offers the safest, most secure, most efficient, and most reliable way to manage corporate e-mail and voice communications.

The range of uses for BlackBerry applications is more extensive than on competing platforms, due to BlackBerry's deep integration with an organization's IT resources, supported by BlackBerry Enterprise Server inside the firewall, with Mobile Data Service connecting IT to the BlackBerry devices outside the firewall.

For organizations, BlackBerry applications can be used to:

  • Track inventory levels and service and support availability
  • Extend CRM packages into customer interactions in real time
  • Increase staff efficiency and responsiveness
  • Develop entirely new capabilities, similar to or differentiated from other smartphones.

BlackBerry application capabilities are, if anything, underused. There's tremendous opportunity for companies to extend their IT infrastructure, thereby cutting costs and increasing productivity.

There's also great opportunity on the consumer side. There are millions of consumer-purchased BlackBerries along with the millions of company-purchased units. Yet consumer application availability for BlackBerry currently lags behind.

Research In Motion (RIM) has recently upgraded their Java development environment for BlackBerry, and now offers Web development technologies as well. The result, as we have experienced at TalenTek, is a rich, mature, and capable development environment.

Anything that can be accomplished on other leading platforms - and often much more - can be accomplished on BlackBerry.

Specific BlackBerry Development Needs

TalenTek has the expertise to address all of your BlackBerry application development needs:

  • New application development. The opportunities for BlackBerry applications - for organizations and consumers alike - have only begun to be explored.
  • Application updating. Many applications need to be updated to do more, to work more efficiently, and to meet users' ever-rising expectations.
  • Porting corporate BB applications. Corporate BlackBerry applications can run "as is" on Windows Mobile, or be ported, sometimes with reduced functionality, to the iPhone or Android.
  • Porting consumer apps. Consumer apps can be ported to and from BlackBerry.

To hear more about how one of our mobility development resources can help contact us today.

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