In the ever-changing world of healthcare, operational efficiency, service excellence, and product differentiation are necessary for gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. TalenTek's healthcare practice focuses on critical regulatory, business, operations, and technology issues across the healthcare value chain. We work with senior management teams to design, plan, and execute change programs necessary to maintain a competitive edge. Our small teams of hands-on experts blend their skills in business strategy, economics, operations, and technology to help our clients achieve their goals across a variety of areas including:

  • Using information analytics and data visualization to enhance sales effectiveness and product design and to improve drug safety procedures;
  • Designing the future of personalized care delivery through better process and information integration across the healthcare value chain;
  • Rethinking the integration of information technology and operations to provide consistent and cost-effective services;
  • Evolving business, product and technology architectures to enhance customer experiences, take advantage of trends in consumerism, and drive growth while managing costs;
  • Designing and implementing transparency and quality initiatives to improve outcomes and decision making processes;
  • Developing business and product strategies to take advantage of changing market forces and environments;
  • Using behavioral economics to reshape the way decisions are made by patients, providers, members, and others

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