TalenTek offers Insurance specific services and solutions tailored to transform your business and help you move on the road to growth and efficiency. Combining technology capabilities with strong insurance domain skills, our Insurance Industry Group consultants covers a large footprint of insurers: Property and Casualty, Life and Health, Speciality Line and Reinsurance.

With products no longer being the key differentiator, distribution and servicing have to become innovative to address customer needs. Agencies, producers and independents use a mix of proprietary and home grown tools to capture new business and service. There are differences in the manner in which your distribution partners may be leveraging technology and the internet. The customer has become more informative, smarter and will not care for any lacunae in your distribution and servicing approaches.

In the rapidly changing insurance marketplace operational, customer management, product and even compliance excellence are critical for maintaining competitiveness. Our insurance practice focuses on the key business and technology aspects of these issues for life, P&C, Auto, reinsurance and brokerage firms. We advise senior management and work collaboratively with our clients to create new value, using small multi-disciplinary teams with deep skills in business analytics, business operations, technology, and execution management. We have helped many of the industry's leading companies in all areas of the business through:

  • Technology Strategy and Transformation
  • Driving Competitive Advantage from Data
  • Accelerating Product Design and Delivery
  • Distribution Effectiveness
  • Operations and Customer Experience Improvement
  • Global Sourcing Advisory
  • Merger Integration

Services & Solutions We Offer

Business Acquisition

New customers mean new revenues. Expand your customer base across key segments with our targeted services and solutions.

Document Management

Join the world's leading insurers, who trust us to apply the latest technology and innovation to information-sharing.

Performance Assessment

Our solutions help you fine-tune your IT investments and capture maximum value from them.

Product Evaluation

Let us review the best IT investments for cutting costs and accelerating results - freeing you to focus on new opportunities.

Solution Frameworks

Put our templates to work for your organization, to speed development cycles and boost efficiency.

Claims Processing

Settle claims swiftly and accurately. We bring our technology and business expertise to the value chain and produce winning results.


Our web-enabled solutions put a fresh spin on your business and open new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Policy Administration

For smart policy management, connect your organization with our fast, innovative solutions.

Regulatory and Reporting

Team with us to transform reporting data into strategic insights, which translates into smarter, better-informed decisions.

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