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The search for innovative therapies has developed the Life Sciences industry into one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, patent expiry, fast-paced competition, changing government regulation and policy, new and changing data, safety and compliance, pharmaceutical research and development upgrades, and reporting standards create challenges that continue to be a cause of concern. Geographically dispersed locations or mergers and acquisitions leave companies with disparate systems which need to speak the same language.

At TalenTek, we have a team of consultants with specialized Pharmaceutical Services experience that understand regulatory demands and the challenges facing life sciences companies today. Our Healthcare and Life Science practices have more than a decade of experience in providing technology services to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life Sciences industry worldwide. We have provided IT and process pharmaceutical services to the world's top Life Science customers across the life science value chain from Clinical Data Management to SCM for pharma distribution and process optimization. Our experts have vast experience in meeting stringent quality standards and various regulatory mandates such as FDA, HIPAA and have delivered a number of projects and services.

Life sciences companies face significant pressure for change from physicians, patients, payers and regulators. Increased competition and significant financial constraints are limiting their ability to deliver exceptional value to shareholders and innovative healthcare to the world community. As a result, they are seeking more progressive business models and solutions that deliver superior business outcomes, while optimizing cost and enhancing patient outcomes.

Segments We Serve:

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

We partner with you to apply time-tested strategies and next-generation solutions that optimize how you work across the value chain.

Medical Devices

We can help you solve challenges across clinical development and production, through compliance management, sales and marketing analytics and logistics/field service.

Discovery and Pre-clinical

Levergage TalenTek help build strategies for re-engineering your R&D systems and processes...

Clinical Delvelopment

Let us build solutions to help you increase R&D throughput.


Work with our experts enhance drug safety by implementing tools and processes for proactive surveillance, uniformity and consistency across pharmacovigilance processes.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Team up with our consultants to optimizie manufacturing and supply chain activities.

Sales & Marketing

Partner with TalenTek to respond to changing selling models, maturing/shifting product portfolios, regionalization, regulatory scrutiny and the influence of payers and patients.

Regulatory Compliance

We help you ensure compliance with relevant global industry regulations and guidelines.


We help transform life sciences organizations by connecting information, insights and technology to improve business performance.

Managed Markets

We work with you to optimize business relationships with payers.

Clinical Systems

We work with you to rationalize clinical systems costs, embrace innovation, and reach greater thresholds of business performance.

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